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Re^2: Major update to

by jj808 (Hermit)
on Jul 19, 2009 at 00:51 UTC ( #781389=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Major update to
in thread Major update to

In my browser the 'Perl Version' select box sticks out the side in way that suggests cross-browser compatibility was second (and forgotten) thought.

Can you let me know what browser (and version) you're using and I'll check that out. Thank you for letting me know - I test the site on quite a few different platforms and browsers, but obviously cannot replicate every combination.

Instead of wasting time 're-skinning' perldoc we should have spent the time making it a better perl resource.

When you say "we", what did you contribute exactly? If you had issues with the search functionality I would have been very grateful to receive suggestions and bug reports from you, or even (dare I say it) a patch.

I'm aware that the search tool does have some limitations, and of course would be very appreciative of any help to make it better. Part of the problem you describe is because perlfunc is separated into sections, making it easy to split up into separate pages for each function name, whereas perlsyn (containing while, foreach, etc) is not, so it is more difficult to reference a specific point to document the 'while' keyword. Maybe you could contribute a page similar to perlfunc but documenting all the loop control keywords, then I could build it into the search engine?

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Re^3: Major update to
by ruzam (Curate) on Jul 19, 2009 at 04:31 UTC

    Firefox 2.0. Admittedly this is an older version and I don't expect full (any for that matter) support for it. Then again this is the FIRST website I've come across where the Firefox version has been an issue. But as I look at the page now, I see that you (or your predecessor) included javascript to (choke) 'document.write' the html for the perl version selector? Since when did it become cool to replace plain old html with a javascript include to write plain old html? It doesn't add a single scrap of add functionality that wasn't already available with standard html. No wonder my older browser chokes on it. Good luck when the next browser release optimization takes a different approach to what order it renders page parts/javascript and you find your select box hanging out the end again.

    Sorry if I sound harsh (and I know I do), but it's not my lot in life to fix, or assist in fixing, perldoc (my time is already filled contributing to other projects no less important than perldoc). Since you've taken on the task of spicing up the layout, it's now your lot in life to fix it. As a perldoc user, I'm telling you there are usability issues with perldoc, none of which were addressed by your update. If anything your update put new usability issues onto the site and made existing issues more obvious.

      FWIW, Solaris 10 ships with Firefox 2, so I think supporting it makes sense.

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