Current Perl documentation can be found at

Here is our local, out-dated (pre-5.6) version:

This section of the FAQ answers questions about where to find source and documentation for Perl, support, and related matters.

What machines support Perl? Where do I get it?
How can I get a binary version of Perl?
I don't have a C compiler on my system. How can I compile perl?
I copied the Perl binary from one machine to another, but scripts don't work.
I grabbed the sources and tried to compile but gdbm/dynamic loading/malloc/linking/... failed. How do I make it work?
What modules and extensions are available for Perl? What is CPAN? What does CPAN/src/... mean?
Is there an ISO or ANSI certified version of Perl?
Where can I get information on Perl?
What are the Perl newsgroups on USENET? Where do I post questions?
Where should I post source code?
Perl Books
Perl in Magazines
Perl on the Net: FTP and WWW Access
What mailing lists are there for perl?
Archives of comp.lang.perl.misc
Where can I buy a commercial version of Perl?
Where do I send bug reports?
What is The Perl Institute?
How do I learn about object-oriented Perl programming?