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I was pleased to see that the debugger supports calling perldoc and was very surprised that perldoc -h produced a totally different helppage with plenty of new options, including to call a html-version in a browser... (didn't work, but thats another story...)

wellllllll ... it turned out that this was actually the help-page of man and that perldoc is just an alias to man.

This implies that typical options like perldoc -f doesn't work!

lanx@nc10-ubuntu:~$ perl -de0

... main::(-e:1): 0

DB<1> perldoc -f grep

grep (1) - print lines matching a pattern


as you easily see thats the ouput of "man -f print" perldebug says: "On systems traditionally bereft of a usable man command, the debugger invokes perldoc. "

hmm OK, my ubuntu has man, but how can I make it call perldoc with all options enabled???

Cheers Rolf

UPDATE: Is it possible to realize and automatically enable a command doc within the debugger which calls a shellscript doc which I can config as a wrapper to do what I want?

(Delegating to a shellscript would allow me to use the same syntax from the shell as from within the debugger...)