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Re^6: What Are You Doing For Perl?

by xyzzy (Pilgrim)
on Aug 06, 2009 at 20:48 UTC ( #786578=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^5: What Are You Doing For Perl?
in thread What Are You Doing For Perl?

Discord may be an honest perception of reality. I am not seeing it here, though. At best it seems like a perception distorted till it fails to reflect reality.
It is as honest a perception as any other. All perceptions reflect reality without error. If your perception is distorted, then I'm guessing your reality is as well.
May I remind our fellow monk without name of part of the fourth precept of our order, ... to speak truthfully, with words that inspire confidence, joy, and hope; not to condemn things of which one is unsure...
I can attest that this thread has inspired me with joy, confidence, and hope, and I am as sure in the sureness of Anonimonk as Anonimonk is sure is his condemnation.
Those are indeed other words, unrelated, rootless, and untrue. The monk whom you here answer has stated clearly in their third paragraph some very helpful and useful things they are doing.
Helpful and useful towards their personal agenda perhaps, but is it helpful and useful towards the success of Perl over the competition?
I reject your premise. ... The object is to get stuff done, not to win some farcical language war. ... If it hurts their brain to read sigils (and some people feel that way very strongly), I'm not reasonably going to sell them on Perl.
If you argue with someone you must do so on a common standard or else there can be no argument at all (which is a totally acceptable alternative). The author of the above clearly states that he does not advocate Perl in favor of other languages and rejects Anonimonk's cause. Therefore, he is not doing anything to help said cause, as Anonimonk correctly pointed out (and he even said "Thank you", how polite.)

"Everything is true." "Even false things?" "Even false things are true" "How can that be?" "I dunno man, I didn't do it."

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