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Great idea, very ambitious. Perhaps it might be best to consider combining this with what is already going on with jcwren.

I tried to get into sourceforge once... but it was difficult for me to get hooked on it, because there, as you said, was no community aspect of it. If any of my friends read this, they would cringe, because when ever I talk about the internet, all that comes out of my mouth is community this, community that. But, most of the successful websites have all had that aspect, and they all have a way that the community is in "control" of the site.

As far as the extreme programming goes, I envision threads of short code snippets for what ever the project is, that have a quick succession of improvements and optimizations ala PMs very own golf tournaments. The code could be categorized and then that thread would be avail to people wandering through the site for a very tight and efficient way to do things...

again, I think that it is a wonderful Idea, and I would love to take part in it... Im sure there are some giant hurdles to this happening, but it seems like it would come together if there was enough interest.

sorry for the incoherent rambling... I tend do that when I get excited about an idea...