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Would it be too much to ask for those who have actually used the various CGI::Application related modules to go in and review them in CPAN? I have used some and those I can review. But many of the others I cannot review. I may or may not like to use them - but quite frankly it is now too much trouble for me to try them.

The background is as follows: About a year ago now I selected CGI::Application as a web development framework based largely on information I found in perlmonks. I like this framework as it allows me to get to grips with the nitty gritty of web development and total control. However now I am hitting the limitations of it - particularly the lack of a model component. I believe I hit upon an elegant approach to this which I will in due course upload on CPAN and describe here. I could have done it the other way but since I want to use it now and I have some experience so I did not want to be deflected.

Edit: I have written reviews of CGI::Application, CGI::Application::Dispatch, CGI::Application::DBH. I ought to do DataForm::Validator and HTML::Template as well. But that would be about my limit.