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Hi Kirsle,

I did something similar to this a while back ... In Search of a Better Mousetrap.

It uses a capture program called "Fwink" for capturing the images, sends them over a network to a different computer, and lets you watch what's happening remotely.  It has a maximum throughput of 1 image per second (the limit is imposed by Fwink).

Hopefully it can give you some ideas.

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Re^2: Webcam Streaming to Perl/Tk with ffmpeg
by Kirsle (Pilgrim) on Sep 02, 2009 at 18:00 UTC

    I know about Fwink from back when I used to use Windows more than any other OS... it was one of the first webcam programs I found for Win32 that aren't instant messengers.

    However, the overhead of Fwink (having to send the picture over the network, or saving it to disk first) doesn't make for very easy "streaming" - at the very least the Perl script would need to watch the jpg file on disk for change and have to open/close it over and over to update the Tk image. If Fwink had an option to send the jpegs through standard output it'd be a different story. :)

      Hi Kirsle, I need the perl script which stream video from server to any mobile device which contains that particular format please mail me a sample code for streaming a video on PC please Thanks, prasad
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