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Re: Stupid stumpers and good questions

by vitoco (Friar)
on Sep 08, 2009 at 15:59 UTC ( #794161=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Stupid stumpers and good questions

Ouch! You hit me... Why?

  • When I need help to solve a problem, I tend to isolate it from the context. Maybe too much!
  • When I think that someone should already have the same problem than me, I search CPAN for a module or google the web for use cases. But if I get hundreds of hits, many different modules, I need some kind of filter, then I ask for a hint for the proper module or a common one. Is there a better place than SoPW? My mistake is not to try one or two possibilities first (or fail at the first attempt).
  • I've been using perl for more than 15 years, but got stuck in 4.036's syntax. I may need many lines of code for something that can be written with one statement in perl 5. I could call "code hacking" (or "coding hacks"?) questions to these. Sometimes is fun to learn how flexible perl is, and sometimes get annoyed with oneliners! Is context needed?
  • OOP is new to me, and my first tries in perl 5's modules where based only in theirs examples, which sometimes confuses me on how perl objects work. And RTFMing only confuses me more because of a previous misunderstand of some concepts, and that could lead to a stupid question.
  • English is not my "mother" language. Sometimes is hard to explain what I want to say, and trimming the post to the minimum is the result. (BTW, I'm sorry for my grammar in this post)

I'm not trying to justify me, just saying that there are many situations that could turn a "real" or "clever" question into a "stupid"-like one.

Thanks for the post and the replies in this thread, them showed me what I was doing wrong. I'll do my best on next posts... Even if it takes me half of a day to write one!!! ;-)

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