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Thank you.
I meant not the whole CPAN RSS feed, but the particular ( currently only one ) module to track and be notified of new releases.
So I wish the CPAN to have something like
So I could customize the rss2mail service I prefer and be notified in necessary way, despite the RSS feed info is expired, I should take it into my mail but without much overhead for CPAN to maintain the mailing list dedicated for every particular module releases only.
And, I'm not that frequent to update my system: the software that use Perl modules apparently use to rely on modules versions and even their bugs, so I defer such situations for my time dedication. But the particular module I use to package for OS distribution should emerge me, and mail notifies are the best way to keep finger on pulse.
Of course I should ask modules authors to notify me upon their releases but 1) it's not much reliable to trust their memory because they may be too agile concentrated on code and it should be excusable if they simply forget to notify me and 2) OS distributions count grows day by day so it's a separate task to notify every OS packager every time the module has released.
Again. as a developer of descendant module I should better know the code release practice/approximate current schedule of the module that I use to follow with my one, and that's why I need to be alerted but able to choose if I can pass the future notifications by, and this is why the releases rss feed should be better. I think this should be the official rss feed from the CPAN since the third party website-to-newsfeed online services I mentioned are not aware of the CPAN sidebars changes like related modules list, new RT tickets, etc, which are not the facts those deserve to make me aware in a matter of hours.
Peter Vereshagin