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Re: XML/Perl integration and experience?

by Falkkin (Chaplain)
on May 11, 2001 at 05:59 UTC ( #79626=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to XML/Perl integration and experience?

First, do any of my fellow monks have experience using an XML/Perl/CGI-driven website (ie: one in which data files are stored in some variant of XML (could even be proprietary) and the main functions of the site are carried out by a Perl/CGI script that acts as the orchestrator and what not), and specifically, how well this setup translates into foreign data exchange.
How about... *drum roll* ;)

Search for "XML Ticker" in the search box, and you'll come across the Other Users ticker, the Chatterbox Ticker, and a few others. As far as I know, all the data on this site is stored as XML, with pages generated by perl & CGI.

As far as foreign data exchange, it seems to work well enough... there are a bunch of Chatterbox Clients, in various programming languages (like Java), that parse the various XML files and do useful things. (I know there's a more extensive list of CB clients somewhere, but can't seem to find it at the moment.)

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(ar0n) Re (2): XML/Perl integration and experience?
by ar0n (Priest) on May 11, 2001 at 16:51 UTC

    Actually, Perl Monks isn't xml-driven. All (or at least most of) the data is in a database; it's just that vroom created some xml-generating nodes for monks that wanted roll their own CB clients, and generally do cool stuff with it.

    And Perl Monks isn't CGI-powered, but mod_perl powered.


    ar0n ]

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