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sub simple_properties { my %properties = %{ shift() }; my ($emissive, $diffuse, $shininess, $specular, $transp); foreach my $property (keys %properties) { if ($property eq "emissive") { $emissive = "emissiveColor @{$properties{ $property }} "; } elsif ($property eq "diffuse") { $diffuse = "diffuseColor @{$properties{ $property }} "; } elsif ($property eq "shininess") { $shininess = "shininess @{$properties{ $property }} "; } elsif ($property eq "specular") { $specular = "specularColor @{$properties{ $property }} "; } elsif ($property eq "transparency") { $transp = "transparency @{$properties{ $property }} "; } } return <<"EOR"; appearance Appearance { material Material { $emissive $diffuse $shininess $specular $transp } } EOR }
Some of you may recognize my VRML endeavours from my home node. The above code does in fact work. And it's even pretty clear. However, every once in a while a great saint will come along and give me some suggestions that remarkably clarify what I am doing. So here are some things i'd like to clear up: Here's some more code.
sub directional_light { my ($amb_intensity, $color_r, $direction_r, $intensity, $on) = (@_); my @color = @{ $color_r }; my @direction = @{ $direction_r }; $on = etf( $on ); return <<"EOR"; DirectionalLight { ambientIntensity $amb_intensity color @color direction @direction intensity $intensity on $on } EOR }
This part kind of irritates me as well. The heredoc here is much clearer. What bothers me though is the creation of the arrays using sort of 'placeholder' values (which japhy understandably hates). The only way I can see to work around this is :
my (@array, @other_array) = (@{$_[0]}, @{$_[1]});
which I find rather ugly and not particularly clear.

Anyhow, I'm particularly exhausted after a long day of hacking at the forthcoming (hopefully) I hope my fellow monks can shed some light on this and save me a little time in refactoring.

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