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Re: On programmer schedules and productivity

by snafu (Chaplain)
on May 11, 2001 at 10:36 UTC ( #79651=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to On programmer schedules and productivity

I know from personal experience that there are times where my brain simply cannot take the thought process anymore. So, its either you let me go and come back tomorrow refreshed or make me stay and one of two things happens:

  • The code sucks and I will spend tomorrow fixing it. or...
  • I will look like Im coding and really be surfing the web or something (perhaps working on another project)...the ole boss command *shrug*
  • either way, I am not being productive or as productive as I could be. I like your style of thinking and wish that more employers/supervisors would recognize the same thing.

    Some people are different. Some can code all day and stay on the ball. Don't get me wrong. I can code all day long too....but not for two weeks in a row all day long. I have to take a rest in there or I just get too burnt out. When there is a deadline in place I get the project done when it needs to be done. However, coding is like art. It is never perfect the first time. You have to rest from it now and then to keep the mind clear and focused so that the work is eventually the best it will be.

    Update: It would seem that you would be able to use us as statistical backing beit not very ... numerable but backing nonetheless. We all (save one or two maybe) are in the development field...(I Love it!!!!).

    - Jim

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