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Hello Fellows, Perl CGI : Can anyone tell me how to show real-time progress of a loop doing stuff onto a web page, perhaps using Ajax? I have a submit button which calls a subroutine which loops round a list of items and processes them - I'd like to show the results of the process in real time onto the web page, so that the user can see whats happening, 'cos it takes a long time. I have actually just printed the results to the browser, and that works except it's never a proper web page (<html> to </html> until its finished. I could write the results to a file continually, and have a separate web page read it on auto-refresh, but I don't like that method - don't like to have too many tmp files about the place. It can be done withh Ajax and javascript, but my prog is in Perl ... Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers Caesura