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Re^3: magic-diamond <> behavior -- WHAT?!

by Anonymous Monk
on Oct 28, 2009 at 00:25 UTC ( #803547=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: magic-diamond <> behavior -- WHAT?!
in thread magic-diamond <> behavior -- WHAT?!

You must have an old perl/pod2html :)

ack "\<ARGV\>" C:\perl\5.10.1\bin\*bat

ack "\<\>\s*\)" C:\perl\5.10.1\bin\*bat

C:\perl\5.10.1\bin\brace-compress.bat:59: while ( <> ) { C:\perl\5.10.1\bin\c2ph.bat:488:STAB: while (<>) { C:\perl\5.10.1\bin\dbilogstrip.bat:53:while (<>) { C:\perl\5.10.1\bin\perlbug.bat:994: my $result = scalar(<>); C:\perl\5.10.1\bin\perlthanks.bat:994: my $result = scalar(<>); C:\perl\5.10.1\bin\pl2pm.bat:56:while (<>) { C:\perl\5.10.1\bin\podgrep.bat:51:while (<>) { C:\perl\5.10.1\bin\podtoc.bat:21:while (<>) { C:\perl\5.10.1\bin\ppm.bat:99: last unless defined ($_ = <> ); C:\perl\5.10.1\bin\pstruct.bat:488:STAB: while (<>) { C:\perl\5.10.1\bin\scandeps.bat:45:while (<>) { C:\perl\5.10.1\bin\SOAPsh.bat:29:while (defined($_ = shift || <>)) { C:\perl\5.10.1\bin\splain.bat:451: while (defined (my $error = <>)) + { C:\perl\5.10.1\bin\XMLRPCsh.bat:28:while (defined($_ = shift || <>)) {

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Re^4: magic-diamond <> behavior -- WHAT?!
by JavaFan (Canon) on Oct 28, 2009 at 01:55 UTC
    Your 'ack' is wrong on two accounts. First of all, pod2html doesn't do anything more than using a module, and calling a single sub in that. The work is done in ..../lib/5.10.1/Pod/

    But even then, searching for <ARGV> or <>won't reveal much. But this is relevant:

    local(@ARGV) = @_; ... local *POD; unless (@ARGV && $ARGV[0]) { $Podfile = "-" unless $Podfile; # stdin open(POD, "<$Podfile") || die "$0: cannot open $Podfile file for input: $!\n" +; } else { $Podfile = $ARGV[0]; # XXX: might be more filenames *POD = *ARGV; } ... my @poddata = <POD>;
      Huh, my ack is wrong?

      First of all, pod2html doesn't do anything more than using a module

      That is what it does now, it wasn't always a module.

      But even then, searching for <ARGV> or <>won't reveal much. But this is relevant

      It shows magic isn't used.

        It shows magic isn't used.

        So what is <POD> do if not magic?

        mkdir /tmp/aaa cd /tmp/aaa touch a.pod b.pod 'rm * |' pod2html * ls

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