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Re^2: (somewhat OT) How to talk to "though" boss?

by techcode (Hermit)
on Nov 11, 2009 at 01:39 UTC ( #806384=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: (somewhat OT) How to talk to "though" boss?
in thread (somewhat OT) How to talk to "though" boss?

I'm pretty much certain that he wanted Oracle since he saw Oracle partner logo on competitors website (well, not so much of a competition as they can eat us for breakfast). I'm not sure why the company switched from MySQL to PostgreSQL - I like PostgreSQL more - but for this particular thing, the lightweightesness of MySQL would probably work better. I'll actually throw in MySQL in the benchmark as well :)

Otherwise, it seems there wasn't that much planning of technical stuff - except we need X for yesterday.

I like your idea and wording - though basically I'm planning on skipping that part of asking, and just go for it. Wouldn't come up with asking expert though, can keep that in sleeve in case he doesn't bite the presentation and proof-of-concept.

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Re^3: (somewhat OT) How to talk to "though" boss?
by desemondo (Hermit) on Nov 11, 2009 at 03:08 UTC
    In my opinion, I think that having a boss and collegues who are good to work with make up at least 50% of my overall "job satisfaction". Some might say thats too high, but I've found that if the boss and collegues are good, it helps you get through the (hopefully occassional) dull and annoying periods

    I've been particularly lucky to land where I am working currently; everything stacks up perfectly - boss is great and we get along well, coworkers all pull their weight and we see eye to eye on just about everything. When we don't agree there is a healthy measure of open debate and discussion on the issue(s), and the general consensis prevails. And finally the actual work itself is interesting and challenging...

    If I were in your shoes I'd be heading for the exit door regardless of how good the 'work' or money is, simply because I wasn't getting along with the boss and that the boss doesn't repect your ideas and views...
    And lets face it, hes the boss, not the technical engineer or architect, he should quite frankly p*ss off and stick to managing the people and business, and leave the technical details to the technical people (ie. you and maybe your supervisor)... But I can understand you not wanting to leave after less than 18 months for your resume, etc...

    Update: ELISHEVA compiled some excellent info earlier this year, if you haven't read it yet take a look. Help in Tough Times
      I've been freelancing basically since I started "working" (don't count summer/teen jobs) - and my goal is to continue to do so after this job - and get others to work for me. So waiting 18 months is not a problem for me (why 18 specifically?) - and among other experience (linux admin stuff) I learned how not to treat people :) (not that I would treat them like this anyhow), and how to think more business like.

      The boss is moving in right direction (we all tell him in the face all the time that he should leave technical stuff to us, and just give us a description of what he wants - and leave the details of how to us). But not being the typical manager, does "understand computers", worked in the industry before starting this company - so I understand the desire to get into technical stuff. But of course at the end he lacks knowledge and hands on experience.

      He also seems to have started accepting out ideas - more and more, ever since I stood up to him, perhaps it was a weird test? Or he is realizing there are no more decent Perl programmers around here (the guy that wrote the initial system and the boss parted ways). And it's burring under his feet since current system can't cope with how much he (and other management/sales people are selling).

      So I want to give it one last shot before starting to accept more and more freelance work from old clients. And of course something like "Designed and led the team implementing the new system which allowed a ten fold increase in data processing power, with existing hardware ..." in the Resume would kick ass ;)

      Have you tried freelancing/outsourcing? Check out Scriptlance - I work there since 2003. For more info about Scriptlance and freelancing in general check out my home node.

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