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Re^4: why IPC::Open3 can't execute MS-DOS "dir" command?

by ikegami (Pope)
on Dec 07, 2009 at 23:56 UTC ( #811650=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: why IPC::Open3 can't execute MS-DOS "dir" command?
in thread why IPC::Open3 can't execute MS-DOS "dir" command?

use strict; use warnings; use IO::Select qw( ); use IPC::Open3 qw( open3 ); use Socket qw( AF_UNIX SOCK_STREAM PF_UNSPEC ); sub _pipe { socketpair($_[0], $_[1], AF_UNIX, SOCK_STREAM, PF_UNSPEC) or return undef; shutdown($_[0], 1); # No more writing for reader shutdown($_[1], 0); # No more reading for writer return 1; } sub _open3 { local (*TO_CHLD_R, *TO_CHLD_W); local (*FR_CHLD_R, *FR_CHLD_W); local (*FR_CHLD_ERR_R, *FR_CHLD_ERR_W); if ($^O =~ /Win32/) { _pipe(*TO_CHLD_R, *TO_CHLD_W ) or die $^E; _pipe(*FR_CHLD_R, *FR_CHLD_W ) or die $^E; _pipe(*FR_CHLD_ERR_R, *FR_CHLD_ERR_W) or die $^E; } else { pipe(*TO_CHLD_R, *TO_CHLD_W ) or die $!; pipe(*FR_CHLD_R, *FR_CHLD_W ) or die $!; pipe(*FR_CHLD_ERR_R, *FR_CHLD_ERR_W) or die $!; } my $pid = open3('>&TO_CHLD_R', '<&FR_CHLD_W', '<&FR_CHLD_ERR_W', @ +_); return ( $pid, *TO_CHLD_W, *FR_CHLD_R, *FR_CHLD_ERR_R ); } my ($pid, $to_chld, $fr_chld, $fr_chld_err) = _open3('cmd /c "dir /s/b"'); my %objs; my $in_sel = IO::Select->new(); my $out_sel = IO::Select->new(); for my $fh ($fr_chld, $fr_chld_err) { my $obj = { buf => '', }; $objs{ fileno($fh) } = $obj; $in_sel->add($fh); } close($to_chld); while ($in_sel->count() + $out_sel->count()) { my ($ins, $outs) = IO::Select::select($in_sel, $out_sel, undef); for my $fh (@$ins) { my $obj = $objs{ fileno($fh) }; our $buf; local *buf = \( $obj->{buf} ); my $bytes_read = sysread($fh, $buf, 64*1024, length($buf)); if (!$bytes_read) { warn("Error reading from child: $!\n") if !defined($bytes_read); $in_sel->remove($fh); } } for my $fh (@$outs) { } } waitpid($pid, 0); print("STDOUT:\n$objs{ fileno( $fr_chld ) }{buf}"); print("\n"; print("STDERR:\n$objs{ fileno( $fr_chld_err ) }{buf}");

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