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As far as hostile work environments go, "play it safe" and "when in doubt don't do/say it" are good guidelines (especially in large corporate environments). It's not hard to apply that here -- if you're not sure, then mark it NSFW.

PerlMonks is normally considered a safe for work site, which is precisely why it is important to mark the aberrations as NSFW. In that sense you have the responsibility thing backwards. If this type of thing was common then you would have a point, but the reality is that the NSFW content goes against the nature and spirit of this site. Update: Though it really comes down to Monks being considerate of other Monks, something sorely lacking in this thread.

Religion is a red herring because the religious motif of the site would present problems. But if that wasn't there, then I would not be opposed to marking them NSFW or suggest (for the one millionth time) that an Off-Topic section be created that people could avoid. It's really simple -- this is a site about Perl, so off-topic stuff like that doesn't really have a place on here.

But then all you are doing are taking extreme examples and using that as an excuse to justify the NSFW items and the juvenile and unprofessional behavior that has taken place in the thread I linked to and this thread. Maybe you should re-read that other thread and look at e.g. ikegami's post for an example of a professional, considerate answer.

There is a difference between random trolling/spam, where downvotes + reaping will likely take care of it. I'm not sure if I would rush to mark a thread like that as NSFW. But then there are threads like this one where the juvenile, unprofessional behavior is by other Monks and will likely not be reaped. In that context, I think it's appropriate to go ahead and mark the thread as NSFW (like I did for my OP). Again, this is a site about Perl, so why not err on the side of caution?? All it does is serve as a warning to others -- it doesn't prevent them from looking at it if they want to. And there is no harm in trying to be considerate of others.

Regarding gender, both of these threads have certainly had the stereotypical male locker-room feel to them which is why I did mention it. I cannot help but wonder what kind of responses we would have seen if e.g. ELISHEVA had asked the question or have been the first one to post a reply.

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