in reply to push foreach glob - bug?

When you have a problem, don't hide the errors! Use use strict; and use warnings;.

$ perl -Mstrict -wle'my @f = glob("*.mp3"); push @{$f[/ad/]}, $_ forea +ch @f;' Can't use string ("bar.mp3") as an ARRAY ref while "strict refs" in us +e at -e line 1.

In the first snippet, $f[0] and $f[1] contain undef or an array reference. push @{$f[...]}, pushes unto the referenced array (creating it if necessary).

In the second snippet, $f[0] and $f[1] contain file names. push @{$f[...]}, uses the file name as an array name and push unto the named array.

$ perl -le '@f = glob("*.mp3"); push @{$f[/ad/]}, $_ foreach @f; use D +ata::Dumper; print Dumper(\@f, \@{"bad.mp3"}, \@{"bar.mp3"})' $VAR1 = [ 'bad.mp3', 'bar.mp3', 'foo.mp3', 'moo.mp3' ]; $VAR2 = [ 'bar.mp3', 'foo.mp3', 'moo.mp3' ]; $VAR3 = [ 'bad.mp3' ];

Perhaps you shouldn't use the same array to save your file names and your arrays of file names...