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by greengaroo (Hermit)
on Feb 16, 2010 at 22:34 UTC ( #823564=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I do Perl programming since 1999 and I teach Perl to professionals since 2002.

Please, go visit my StripGenerator page, I have a couple of strips about Perl!

Silly stuff ahead!

There's an old saying in Tennessee - I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee... I'm not sure because you know, Tennessee is so far from Texas! And Arkansas is in between. Maybe the saying didn't get through. After all, there are two borders to cross! Usually, sayings like that just don't make it that far without some kind of divine intervention or from a higher power. So if the saying doesn't exists yet, let me give it to you. You can thank me later. But anyway, the saying is... euh... Last my loop once, shame on...shame on you. Last my loop... you can't last my loop again!

I know its déjà vu, but I just want to point out that the French doesn't have the word "entrepreneur" in their dictionary. Gotta go, I have a rendez-vous!

Somewhere, in a computer store...

  • Clerk: "Sir, why are you returning this printer?"
  • Customer: "Well, it says on the network connector this has a 'MAC' address, I would like to have a printer with a 'PC' address please."

Somewhere, in a busy city...

  • Guy: "Excuse-me, do you have time?"
  • Other guy: "Whatever you are trying to sell me, no, I don't have time for this! Good bye."
  • Guy: "Excuse-me, do you have the time?"
  • Newspaper stand clerk: "Let me see... no but I have National Geographic, The Economist, Life, The Gazette... what else..."
  • Guy: "Excuse-me, do you have a watch?"
  • Dude in a hoody: "Sure, I have plenty, you want a Rolex? Take a look at my stash!"
  • Guy: "Excuse-me sir, do you have time, do you have THE time, please?"
  • Old man: "Sure, I have plenty of time. I'm listening. What is it son?"
  • Guy: "I just want to know what time it is!!!"
  • Old man: "Oh, it is probably time for my pills... you are right. Thank you for reminding me!"
The next day in the newspaper:

Violence - Yesterday, around 12:34, a man committed a brutal series of attacks on good citizens. He first made an elderly man swallowed his whole bottle of medicine, then at the corner newspaper stand, he beated the clerk with magazines, he finally jumped on a bystander before he was arrested by police officers who were passing by. The motives of the man are still unclear.
  • Guy, reading the newspaper, from his cell: "At last! I know what time it was!"

Somewhere, in a restaurant...

  • Waitress: "Sir, is there a problem?"
  • Pissed-off man: "Lady. This is a French restaurant, right?"
  • Waitress: "Well, yes, the best French restaurant in town!"
  • Pissed-off man: "Then, why does it say 'English Menu' on the menu?!?"

Your new level imbues you with super-powers! Check out Friar for the details!

Take my advice. I don't use it anyway.

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