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Hello all

I'm using the following code to print PDF using my network printer. But the problem is that I need to Install Adobe Reader 6 to achieve my task. Is there any workaround that I can print PDF's by having acrobat reader version 6.0 or more

Or any Perl modules which prints the PDF's with any version of Acrobat installed ....

use strict; use warnings; use Win32::OLE; use Win32::OLE::Const "Acrobat"; my $acrobat = Win32::OLE->new("AcroExch.App", "Quit"); my $avdoc = Win32::OLE->new("AcroExch.AVDoc"); my $pdfs = getPDF("/from/some/folder"); foreach my $pdf( @{$pdfs} ) { $avdoc->Open( $pdf, "" ); my $pddoc = Win32::OLE->new("AcroExch.PDDoc"); $pddoc->Open($pdf); my $pp = $pddoc->GetNumPages; #index starts at 0 my $totalpages = $pp; if ( $pp ) { $pp--; } eval { print "Printing $pdf with $totalpages pages\n"; $avdoc->PrintPagesSilent(0,$pp,1,1,0); }; if ( $@ ) { print "PDF did not print due to Adobe error.\n"; } $acrobat->Exit; }

Thanks to original author for giving me a pointer to help achieve my task