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<p>Hi, I have a file "conditions_file.txt" which has the following det +ails. The details here form an if condition in my code. 1st column is + position, 2nd column is the operator, 3rd column is the value to be +checked) </p> <br>1 eq 1720 <br>59 eq R <p>I've my input file "test.txt" having the following lines 0,1720,123,123,13,123,123,123,12,3,123,13,123,123,123,123,123,123,13,1 +23,12,312,312,32,3,213,123,213,23,123,123,123,12,312,3,123,123,123,21 +3,12,31,231,23,13,123,123,12,312,3,123,123,1,23,123,12,3,123,12,3,R,4 +23,234,23,423,4<br> 0,1720,123,123,13,123,123,123,12,3,123,13,123,123,123,123,123,123,13,1 +23,12,312,312,32,3,213,123,213,23,123,123,123,12,312,3,123,123,123,21 +3,12,31,231,23,13,123,123,12,312,3,123,123,1,23,123,12,3,123,12,3,Q,4 +23,234,23,423,4<br> 0,465,123,123,13,123,123,123,12,3,123,13,123,123,123,123,123,123,13,12 +3,12,312,312,32,3,213,123,213,23,123,123,123,12,312,3,123,123,123,213 +,12,31,231,23,13,123,123,12,312,3,123,123,1,23,123,12,3,123,12,3,P,42 +3,234,23,423,4<br> </p> Now I'm reading the above 2 files in my code as follows. #! /usr/bin/perl my $line1; my @condition; my %conditions_hash; my @conditions_keyvalues; my $line2; my @test_array; $flag = 0; $line2 = $ARGV[0]; open(OUTPUT_HANDLE,">output.txt"); open(TEST_HANDLE,"test.txt"); open(C_CARD,"conditions_file.txt"); while($line1 = <C_CARD>) { @condition = split(' ',$line1); $hash_condition{$condition[0]} = "$condition[1]"." $condition[2]"; push(@conditions_keyvalues,"$hash_condition{$condition[0]}\n"); $flag = 1 if($condition[1] =~ m/eq/); goto l1; } #print "$hash_condition{$condition[0]}\n"; l1: open(OUTPUT_HANDLE,">>output.txt"); while($line2 = <TEST_HANDLE>) { chomp($line2); @test_array = split(',',$line2); if($flag == 1) { #print "$test_array[$condition[0]]\n"; #print "$condition[2]\n"; foreach my $i(@conditions_keyvalues) { print "key values are $i\n"; if($test_array[$condition[i]] eq $condition[i+2]) { print OUTPUT_HANDLE "$line2\n"; } } } } <p> I read first line from conditions_file.txt and check in my test.txt to + see if the second value in the csv file is 1720. This works. But I'v +e to recursively check all the conditions in the conditions_file.txt. + If any line from the test.txt file match all the conditions, I must +write that line to the output.txt file. Please help me. </p>