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Dear perl -gurus: i am new to perl and really have begun to love this stuff very quickly .. I have a data structure:
my $room = ( { TEXT => $string, EXITS => $exits, THINGS => { %things }, ITEMS => { %items }, CMDS => { %cmds }, # EVENTS => \&events, } );
I have a function that pass this ref, and then read some data into the strucrture and push it onto an array several passes, that I then return a ref to .. But I end up with the last (pass) element in all places in the array .. the ref use the same memory again and again? How can I make the ref a new one in each pass? When I print it out I get the correct strings for each pass .. so it must be the push that creates a problem.
foreach (@rooms) { ($rr->{TITLE}, $rr->{TEXT}, $rr->{EXITS}, $rr->{THINGS +}, $rr->{ITEMS}) = split ":", $_; push @a, $rr; }; return \@a;
Please, anyone, how to approach this problem? Thanks .. ^^^theantler<<<