Lately (in ca 60 days < today -- 2010-03-09), I have been noticing an anomaly: my clicks on certain submit buttons (including "vote" in Newest Nodes, "preview" and "create" when creating a response to a parent node, and a few others (sorry, not logged as carefully as I should have) produce in response, rendering of the Gates (in the window of origin -- that is, where I clicked) instead of the expected outcome -- preview, create or vote cast..

Anecdotal evidence in the CB and elsewhere, that others have also experienced this. In my case, it's occuring with w32 and linux vers of FFox, 3.5.n on both. My impression is that this "get the wrong page" phenomonon occurs most frequently -- but NOT exclusively -- when the site is exceptionally slow.

A case in point is presently visible in this section; in my replies to id://827391.
and, an instance I suspect, in cdarkes at id://827495 amd id://827494
and -- who knows -- perhaps some of the items recently marked "please reap; inadvertent dup" (or words to that effect) from posters who are among the most senior of Monks.

Full Disclosure: Though I am honored by inclusion among devils, I'm not sufficiently skilled to track down a suspected cause and propose a solution.