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Re^4: The current state of Perl6

by Anonymous Monk
on Apr 19, 2010 at 12:13 UTC ( #835471=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: The current state of Perl6
in thread The current state of Perl6

I've spoken something Perl 6 at my work place the first question is about whether there's a production ready version of it. A negative answer leads to a ridicule that it has taken more than a decade now for this thing to come out
then your co-workers oppinion is the same as mine, I mean if you want to write something in Perl6 and you discover that the compiler has bugs(that you'll most likely be unable to fix) then you'll be very discouraged and will consider that whatever code you write in it is standing on moving grounds. so what I mean is, it's risky to write code in such a language if it's not production-ready. not only risky for work(which is obvious) but even if you're on your own time doing stuff, you're probably wasting it because the compiler isn't yet finished.

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Re^5: The current state of Perl6
by Anonymous Monk on Apr 19, 2010 at 12:31 UTC
    FUD surrounding Perl 6 is the single most important reason why Perl is no longer considered for large projects/New Projects any more. Most of the Perl stuff going on currently is small scripts or sysadmin level work. As a matter of fact people are beginning to look at it as an awk like utility. After all Perl 5 will some day will die out of bit rot and there is no certainty that Perl 6 will ever be ready some day.Why should some body build serious stuff on such an platform whose future so uncertain?
      Personally I have not seen this FUD, and I was unaware that "Perl is no longer considered for large projects/New Projects any more", presumably your experience is different from mine.

      If there is any FUD then who generated it and who maintains it? Well that must be us. It is up to us to dispell the FUD, if it exists.
        I think the fellow anonymous monk intended to be sarcastic, but his sarcasm ended up coinciding with reality, which is sad.
        I have tried selling Perl to a lot of projects that I have encountered. Perl today is only accepted in the dimension awk is accepted. That is for quick throw away small scripts which will be run once to do some very minor text parsing jobs.

        I hardly see any Perl jobs on the Career Market, most of them are just to maintain some old Perl code written long back, and they call it legacy code.

        Perl 5's death was announced the day Perl 6 birth was announced. No matter how many Perl 5 releases you make you just are putting a old dying man into ICU and getting him some more time to live. Unfortunately Perl 6 baby keeps suffering from an abortion every now and then. Because the parents can't really decide what they want, a girl or a boy. If the spec were to be frozen, only a single and complete implementation focused upon. The Perl 6 baby would probably be celebrating its second or third birthday by now.

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