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Re^10: The current state of Perl 6

by Anonymous Monk
on Apr 20, 2010 at 07:11 UTC ( #835687=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^9: The current state of Perl 6
in thread The current state of Perl6

As you yourself mentioned you are in the publishing business. Why do you have drafts and editions??? Why don't you just go on and on writing for decades making your novel/book thousands pages long without publishing it.

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Re^11: The current state of Perl 6
by Corion (Pope) on Apr 20, 2010 at 07:13 UTC

    To be fair, chromatic and others have been publishing what they call releases and what a publisher might call "drafts" of Perl 6 ("Rakudo") and Parrot for a long time, on a roughly monthly schedule already. It seems you're just uninformed and are trolling.

      it seems to me that chromatic is a bit unfair in publishing drafts, because the word draft itself does not describe a finished product. how can you publish some book that noone can get anything from ? so suppose you're a client and you buy chromatic's book. it's a draft ! it does not describe a product, it describes a pre-production-ready early early version of Perl6 which is usable just about nowhere at the time being(although it's a nice language). I believe he's exploiting a market that doesn't exist because he exploits it much much too early.

      Apparently Perl6 is very spoiled, it has specification waaaay before implementation, it has books waaaay before completion or a production-ready version. it exists on all blogs and people are talking about it yet it's not yet robust. It has advocates and people promoting it, although if someone were to really use Perl6 he wouldn't be able since it's not yet complete. Everything in Perl6 is extremely early.

        so suppose you're a client and you buy chromatic's book. it's a draft ! it does not describe a product....

        You are more than welcome to test everything in the upcoming Rakudo Perl 6 book against the monthly Rakudo releases or any revision of Rakudo. If you find a bug, please report it. We will fix it. The book is the second highest priority after releasing Rakudo Star in the next couple of months.

        Every example not explicitly labeled as "experimental" will work (barring typos, which we hope to avoid) with Rakudo Star. The book will come out approximately the same time as Rakudo Star (I can't predict to the day how long it will take at the printer).

        The plan for the book is to cover only those features in which we have supreme confidence that they will remain unchanged through the lifetime of Perl 6.0. I don't think even Larry himself would sign a paper guaranteeing that, but we have high confidence in them.

        Everything in Perl6 is extremely early.

        Or just too late???
      If you don't hear what you like, that doesn't amount to trolling and neither will that change the truth.Also don't expect everybody to sing the song which you like to hear.My reply was to his comment of "Necessity of freezing the spec", I drew analogy in the publishing industry as I thought he can understand better. Every book has editions, and sometimes editions are revised(With Improvements).

        Books have editions due to the enormous limitations of physical publishing. Software publishing has no such limitations. Also, I haven't read a (non-technical) book published in the last 15 years that didn't have at least one typo. They will forever. Mainstream stuff has got worse every year. Sometimes editions are redacted—to their detriment. So, the analogy is out of place on several levels.

        I don't think it's that anyone is hearing what they don't like as much as hearing things that don't make much sense or amount to, "But why can't I have a pony?" So what if Perl 6 never "ships?" I'll be disappointed but I'll still have Perl jobs for as long as I care to work with software. The world will turn. Perl isn't going away and the fewer Perl hackers there are the more the remaining ones will be sure of work at high salaries.

        The following is for anyone who has been complaining about the perceived or regional decline of Perl in this thread–

        Man up. If anything about the situation is distressing to you, do something about it besides kvetching. Want Perl 6 faster? Participate in its development. Bitching and moaning is only wasting time for those of us patient; it's painful watching chromatic have to defend his hard work. He could be off contributing more of it instead. Want Perl to clearly advance? Evangelize, write tutorials, answer questions on forums, fix CPAN stuff. Want more Perl 5 jobs? Start your own business or if it's really so important, move|emigrate to where there are Perl jobs. If all you wanna do is rain on Perl 5|6, go do it on a Java|Python forum or someplace where the audience at large might be interested.

        Sometimes when some of us discuss how great we think Perl is or how much we enjoy working with it or how much money we're making it feels like that's not what Anonymous Monk wants to hear.

        Oh - I thought you were talking about recent things. I think the stone tablets telling of Perl6 ("Synopsis") have been released on CPAN as Perl6::Bible since at least 2005, and there were other drafts out before that. Also, I would presume that the current incarnation lives at

        I welcome your efforts to communicate with people using words they can understand. But I recommend that you find approaches where it's less evident that you're not really following the subject matter.

Re^11: The current state of Perl 6
by Anonymous Monk on Apr 20, 2010 at 08:02 UTC
    ironically there are several obsolete Perl6 books published out there, which are of no use to anyone, so go figgure how much publishers care about the books the publish. (note:I am not a publisher, I'm just unhappy with this situation).

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