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You are right no body really understands the complexity behind what you are trying to build. But ask yourself this question, How are they to understand when you haven't told it to them? The biggest problem in communication is to assume that its already done.

When people hear about Perl 6 initially, they probably read the FAQ or some other feature list. And they assume this a feature rich but Just-Another-Compiler. No body really understands what it means to have a mutable grammar,or some of the cool stuff that Perl 6 has! But how do we expect them to understand when they don't know about it?

Chromatic's post clarified a lot of misgivings people had about the decade long history about Perl 6. If there was one similar post regarding how difficult it is to build this kind of a compiler it will be great, And that post must be communicated to some Open Source news forums where hackers hang out frequently. People will then get a clear Idea and stop criticizing you for the wrong reasons.

People who criticize you are not your enemies but your friends, indirectly they give you a temperature check of whats brimming in the community. We fight so passionately with people whom we love not our enemies. Lastly think about those who don't complain but just give up and leave, From past few years Ruby and Python scored some undeserved points because of all this FUD.

All the best to you and Rakudo team, we are eagerly waiting for "The Release".