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People who criticize you are not your enemies but your friends, indirectly they give you a temperature check of whats brimming in the community.

To be clear, I'm extremely welcoming of honest criticism. But oft-repeated, off-the-cuff speculations that fail to demonstrate even basic critical thinking skills (such as evidence, reasoning, and a person's ability to self-check their own statements) do not qualify as "friendly criticism". They're just FUD.

You are right no body really understands the complexity behind what you are trying to build. But ask yourself this question, How are they to understand when you haven't told it to them?

IMO, this is more FUD ("Nobody is talking about Perl 6"). Here's an off-the-cuff and horribly incomplete list for 2009, in no particular order:

There's a ton more, of course. We're at conferences, we're writing articles and press releases, we publish the minutes of our meetings, etc. We blog, we tweet, we have Perl 6 RSS feeds, we're part of Perl Iron Man. Just because you're apparently not seeing the buzz doesn't mean there isn't any.