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Re^4: A wholly inadequate reply to an Anonymous Monk

by pmichaud (Scribe)
on Apr 23, 2010 at 18:09 UTC ( #836577=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: A wholly inadequate reply to an Anonymous Monk
in thread A wholly inadequate reply to an Anonymous Monk

My point was not about that. But rather about explaining people why building a Grammar engine for Perl 6 is so difficult, as I understand that has roots in the mutable aspects of Perl 6 Grammar.
Okay then - restricting myself to my 2009 list above - these are the ones that cover why the grammar engine for Perl 6 is so difficult/special/unique/important:

Not from my earlier list, we should probably include (still in 2009):

And, of course, I've been talking and giving grammar engine specific talks since YAPC::NA in 2005, because (as chromatic++ said in the other thread) that's what ends up being important to completing a Perl 6 implementation.

... in this world you have to blow your own trumpet.

See the lists above for the concerts you missed in 2009. :-)

Giving people a feel of(Technical matters of the compiler, not features of the language) will do a lot of help.

Part of what makes Perl 6 so special is that the technical matters of the compiler are features of the language. That's what makes it possible to write Perl 6 (as well as many other languages) in Perl 6, and have operator overloading, and metaoperators, and macros, etc. That's why almost every talk about "how to build a language using Parrot / Perl 6" or "Perl 6 regular expressions" ultimately ends up demonstrating the underlying complexity of the grammar engine.


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