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my $result = print "hello world\n";
For the above code $result get return value of "1". You want to get $result is "Hello world" you will be use the sprintf function.
my $var="Some Text"; my $result = sprintf "$var hello world "; print "$result\n";

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Re^2: how to get value of print command
by toolic (Bishop) on May 13, 2010 at 15:57 UTC
    my $result = sprintf "$var hello world ";
    Don't do that. Not only is it a useless use of sprintf, but it is also an abuse of sprintf, whose 1st argument should be a format specification. This does the same thing:
    my $result = "$var hello world ";

      I tried it in different way to get the solution. Now i understand i should not use "sprintf", sorry for the inconvenience caused. I will give more attention for replying a thread in future.