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I know there can never be an ultimate and objective answer for this question - but at least I hope to learn what is the popular choice here. I cannot decide myself what to choose for WebNano so please help me. The important point is that I try to subscribe to the ::Tiny way of doing things with this module so this question is really a poll aimed at people that care for these kind of modules.

Right now I am hesitating between Any::Moose and Class::XSAccessors with the following pros and cons.

Pro Any::Moose

  1. Possibly no XS
  2. Can mean Moose for those that like to use Moose extended features

Pro Class::XSAccessors

  1. Very fast
  2. Small
  3. With MooseX::NonMoose can also be extended to Moose with no hassle at all
  4. Used by Alias
What do you think?