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Re: Imager with JPEG support on Windows

by tonyc (Friar)
on Jun 01, 2010 at 13:08 UTC ( [id://842603]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Imager with JPEG support on Windows

From the other output you've described Imager's Makefile.PL is finding neither the jpeg libraries not the header files.

You need all of the following:

  • a compiler
  • the library - depending on which compiler you're using that will be libjpeg.a or libjpeg.lib
  • the header files - jpeglib.h, jconfig.h, jmorecfg.h

If the libraries aren't in the default library search path, add a --libpath=c:\directory\ option.

If the headers aren't in the default include search path, add a --incpath=c:\directory\ option.

So you might have:

perl Makefile.PL --incpath=c:\somewhere\include --libpath=c:\somewhere\lib

The Makefile.PL output should include a line like:

      jpeg: includes found - libraries found

If it doesn't, Imager didn't find one of either the includes or libraries.

If it does, try building Imager, if you're still having problems please include: which files you put where, the output of perl Makefile.PL, and the build output.

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