As I noticed before, there is no real standard for when to frontpage a node, and I feel this is not sufficient. This morning I asked in CB why a particular node was frontpaged, and it appeared some monks have really different 'rules' for frontpages than I have (some others act similar).

My ruleset goes like:

  1. I 'OK' a node if it's properly formatted, doesn't feel trollish and it is posted in the right section. If it's not, I go to CB and ask for other opinions. I may move it thereafter. or consider it.
  2. I do not normally frontpage a node.
  3. If a node is really something of special beauty or importance, I frontpage it. If I'm not sure, I go to CB for more opinions.
  4. I never frontpage my own nodes, as frontpaged nodes have an unfair headstart.

The other monk said he frontpaged a node because he didn't know the answer and didn't see any replies.

As always, the truth lies in the middle, and I'm probably too restrictive. So, what do you think?

"We are not alone"(FZ)