in reply to When to frontpage a node?

I don't yet have enough experience to place nodes on the front page, so my views aren't based on experience.

When I first discovered Perl Monks, I visited it by going straight to the home page. I assumed that all nodes would be listed there, as there's no indication that the topics covered have been deemed important. After a while I discovered Newest Nodes, and realised that nodes only appear on the front page after they have been approved.

So, if fewer nodes are approved on the front page, some newcomers might think that there isn't much going on at Perl Monks.

On the other hand, I like the idea of having something between Newest Nodes and Best Nodes, that contains the most interesting posts. If the front page serves this purpose, the front page should contain a notice clearly stating this, with a pointer to Newest Nodes for newcomers who want to read more.

Of course, all this is IMHO, and assuming that vroom and others have infinite time to modify this site according to users' whims. ;-)