in reply to CSV tab-delimited not space-delimited

From the DBD::CSV Synopsis:

csv_* All other attributes that start with csv_ and are not described ab +ove will be passed to Text::CSV_XS (without the csv_ prefix). these e +xtra options are most likely to be only useful for reading (select) h +andles. Examples: $dbh->{csv_allow_whitespace} = 1; $dbh->{csv_allow_loose_quotes} = 1; $dbh->{csv_allow_loose_escapes} = 1; See the Text::CSV_XS documentation for the full list and the docum +entation.

If $dbh->{csv_allow_whitespace}    = 1; doesn't address your problem, you have something very odd going on.

Does the "scrambling" occur on input or retrieval?
Do you get any errors or warnings?
Do you use RaiseError and what does it tell you?
Are you sure your data has spaces (0x20) and not tabs?