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Wait, there's more, we can also adapt Re: Opposite of strtol? like this.

This goes to the file Tohex.xs:

#include "EXTERN.h" #include "perl.h" #include "XSUB.h" #include <gmp.h> MODULE = Math::Tohex PACKAGE = Math::Tohex SV * tohex(num) char *num CODE: char *out; ST(0) = sv_newmortal(); mpz_t big; mpz_init_set_str(big, num, 10); Newx(out, 4 + mpz_sizeinbase(big, 16), char); mpz_get_str(out, 16, big); sv_setpv(ST(0), out); mpz_clear(big); Safefree(out);

This goes to the file lib/Math/

package Math::Tohex; require Exporter; require DynaLoader; our $VERSION = "1.00"; our @ISA = (Exporter::, DynaLoader::); our @EXPORT = "tohex"; bootstrap Math::Tohex::; 1; __END__

And this goes to Makefile.PL:

use ExtUtils::MakeMaker; WriteMakefile( NAME => "Math::Tohex", VERSION_FROM => "lib/Math/", LIBS => ["-lgmp"], );

Now compile:

perl Makefile.PL && make

and run:

perl -wE 'use Math::BigInt; say Math::BigInt->new("4335043554366887798 +866555766")->as_hex;'

and hope for no stupid mistakes leading to memory corruption.