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I'm unable to detect the correct windows path in the below code.
Can anyone suggest me how many '\' that I need to add it in the path to make it works ?
Is there any better modules to tackle the path issues in windows ?
#!C:\perl\bin\perl use strict; use warnings; my %typehash = ( 'tomcat' => '\\d\$\\logs\\tomcat', 'tomcatweb' => '\\d\$\\logs\\web', 'apache' => '\\d\$\\logs\\Apache' ); sub getLog { my ($a,$type)=@_; my $server=$a; my $dir = "\\\\$server".$typehash{$type}; print "\n $dir "; chomp(my $meh = `dir /b /O:D $dir`); print $meh; } &getLog("",'tomcat');