I've been casually learning Perl for less than a year and more intensely in just the past few months.

I'd like to carve out a path in my learning that eventually leads me to a place where I can create visual pieces, (paintings or illustrations) using Perl at least to some degree. I have really been looking to move beyond graphics software for the last three or four years and Perl's expressive qualities give me hope that it would be a great asset in achieving that goal. (I know there are a number of other languages used to accomplish this but I've never really enjoyed working in any of them.)

I've tried to think about this from the perspective of someone having a similar thought about going into the visual arts because they love the look and feel of a specific brush or camera. It seems pretty insane but that's how I feel. There's something about Perl that inspires me to look at the way I create differently. Even at this early stage of my development I am determined to find a way.

I wonder if anyone else has had this experience of knowing they wanted to use a specific method separate or absent of a concrete goal to apply to it. Although a decade ago I was taught in art school that form follows function, I was also taught that forms can inspire us to new questions that will eventually include functional approaches.

I watched an interview online with Larry the other day that really helped me see why Perl made sense as a way to draw and paint. I'm sure many of you have seen the interview but it inspired me to write this post so I thought I should at least give it it's due credit.