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Re^3: Strange memory leak using just threads

by BrowserUk (Pope)
on Sep 20, 2010 at 07:56 UTC ( #860785=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Strange memory leak using just threads
in thread Strange memory leak using just threads

This would appear to be a platform specific thing. Not particularly helpful, but it might allow you to look for a solution in the right place; eg. outside of Perl/threads.

Perhaps there is a later version of the pthreads libraries for your system? Or known bugs within the version you have?

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Re^4: Strange memory leak using just threads
by MnkyBrain (Novice) on Sep 20, 2010 at 20:49 UTC
    Just to clarify, the "another system" I tried it on (with 5.8.8 and threads 1.07) was a mac running leopard.

    I also tried it on a snow leopard install with perl 5.10 (darwin-thread-multi-2level) and threads 1.67.

    Also, both mac's are intel (possibly obviously), but the linux box is a 64bit AMD machine.

    I'm seeing the issue everywhere I've tried it so far, so it doesn't seem to be a platform specific issue. Sorry I didn't make that clear in my last post.

    ps. I just tried it on another debian lenny box that's basically the same as the one above, but it's intel, and had the same issue.

    I may give cent and ubuntu a shot later tonight and see if I also see the problem there.

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