Some months ago, I bought one of these new sonic toothbrushes. The delivery contained a small demo/trial package of "Pearls & Dents" toothpaste. I didn't pay much attention until I saw the subtitle:

"Neuartige medizinische Zahncreme mit Perl-System"


(New kind of medical toothpaste with Perl-System)

Then I realized it was made by a company I had already another (very good) toothpaste for traveling. So I gave it a try. Ok to make a long story short. The toothpaste is exceptionally good. So I can recommend it not just because of the "Perl-System", but also because it is the best toothpaste I have encountered so far.

I highly recommend to buy the german version though, because it seems to be only there where you get the mesmerizing subtitle "... with Perl-System" It has its own Website, but then again who/what hasn't these days. (The english one is just for content reference, as the glorious "Perl-System" can only be found on the german webpage. ;-)

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