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Re: 2nd obfu

by iamcal (Friar)
on Jun 06, 2001 at 17:06 UTC ( [id://86190]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to 2nd obfu

Quite hard to see what's going on with the use of nasty variables $} and @}.

A brief breakdown:
# put some numbers into $_ $_="415250511528293422193223122519645759676174"; # fluff $_{$_}++; # set $} to an array ref $}=[]; # split the chars of this ref : A R R A Y ( 0 x 8 a 6 f 0 a c ) @_ = (split//,$}); # split each set of two chars in $_ into @a push(@a,$&) while s;..;;; # set @} to contain the chars from @_; @}=map$_,@_; # set @_ to the first 6 chars of @}, which are "ARRAY(" {@_=map @}->[$_],(0..5);} # into each scalars, put characters built from the @a and @_ $j=join'',map(chr((ord$_[0])+$_),(@a[0..3])); $a=join'',map(chr((ord$_[1])+$_),(@a[4..10])); $p=join'',map(chr((ord$_[4])+$_),(@a[11..14])); $h=join'',map(chr((ord$_[5])+$_),(@a[15..20])); # print out the four scalars print join' ',$j,$a,$p,$h,"\n";

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