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by miked348 (Initiate)
on Oct 18, 2010 at 13:49 UTC ( [id://865934]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I have operated my own consulting company for about fifteen (15) years working all over the world for the cream of the Fortune 100! Although I came out of a hardware background back in the day! I started to work with Operating Systems back around after a few years and while working on the Integration Floor for MODCOMP. I went on to work for GOULD as a Systems Analyst on their hardware and proprietary (MPX) and UNIX (UMAX SysV/BSD)kernels.Went on to ENCORE Computer and worked in Sustaining Development for years till starting W3 Associates Inc. After doing pretty much what I did for those many years for corporate America I started to work only in the Configuration Management side some ten (10) years ago now! I use that hardware and software background and experience to work with the kind of strong Software Development teams I see working with large worldwide corporations I service these days. I tend to work as a Configuration Management Architect on large migrations from one tool to another or on large company wide projects that will change the corporate SCM model for hundreds of developers. I have a deep background and experience in not only the detailed technical issues with today's modern SCM tools but have also worked for many large clients and vendors on CM solutions from the process side of the work! I live with my wife of thirty-five (35) years in Tampa, Florida but tend to work on-site all over the world (mostly USA)for projects that tend to run about 6-8 months most years. I also do a lot of my client work from my home or other remote sites as allowed and possible. ------mikeD

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