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Re^23: What is "aggressive" argument? (Netiquette)

by Argel (Prior)
on Nov 12, 2010 at 22:35 UTC ( #871155=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^22: What is "aggressive" argument?
in thread What is "aggressive" argument?

Here are some links on Netiquette for you:

That last one is pretty good, so I will quote some of it:

The netiquette has not been written to be a nuisance or to curb your freedom. Don't look upon the netiquette that way. It is to your own advantage to pay attention to the netiquette recommendations. It is sensible to be familiar with the netiquette also for quite selfish reasons:
  • If you pay attention to the netiquette, your communication will succeed better. You will gain more credibility on the Usenet community for your own views.
  • If you pay attention to the netiquette you will in all probability get helpful answers more readily on the net when you have questions to ask or need help on the net.
  • On the Usenet news the majority of the readers will know you by your messages only. What you write and how you behave will make your net personality. Think carefully what kind of a picture you wish to give about yourself. And who knows? Maybe one day you may have other dealings in real life with a few of the persons who have formed their picture of you on the net.
  • If you repeatedly and deliberately ignore the netiquette you will soon develop an indelible reputation of a troublemaker, and at least the more serious users on the net will start avoiding you altogether.

And from the RFC on Netiquette itself:

And so, given that it's common knowledge that all caps is considered to be the equivalent of shouting on the Internet and none of us are newbies to the Internet why wouldn't we assume that you were shouting? And then you get mad at us for applying that common Internet convention when you should have expected readers to interpret it that way!! Arguably that's flamebait, if not outright trolling!!

Looking back, it seems that I erroneously thought you might actually be open to suggestions on ways to improve how you interact with your fellow Monks. But it's pretty clear now that you are in "I'm right and there's nothing you can say or write that will ever convince me otherwise mode". Looking back, you have arguably been in that mode since you wrote the OP, which is why I will still maintain that this whole thread is really about you trying to prove to everyone that you're right and whoever called your writing style aggressive is wrong.

The all caps issue pretty much proves that -- you cannot even admit that most readers would consider it shouting given that the all caps rule is one of the most common and well known guidelines on the Internet! I mean, the RFC is 15 years old, which means the practice of treating all caps as shouting has been going on for much longer than that!!

As a side note, I think it's pretty low to compare being civil to censorship.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your "BrowserUK vs. the World" one man war you feel the need to wage.

Elda Taluta; Sarks Sark; Ark Arks

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Re^24: What is "aggressive" argument? (Netiquette)
by BrowserUk (Pope) on Nov 13, 2010 at 00:58 UTC
    You will gain more credibility on the Usenet community


      The Netiquette of the Internet today traces it's roots back to the Netiquette of USENET and email. Obviously some things have changed, given a lot of the guidelines predate the Web, but most of the "changes" have just been expanding the guidelines. So e.g. for a forum-like site, the old USENET guidelines work very well.

      Elda Taluta; Sarks Sark; Ark Arks

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