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Re^6: text encodings and perl

by andal (Hermit)
on Nov 15, 2010 at 12:21 UTC ( #871456=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^5: text encodings and perl
in thread text encodings and perl

I'm curious how you came to that conclusion. For any text operation, perl has to assume an encoding. It uses UTF-8 if the utf8 flag is present on the string, and Latin 1 otherwise (assuming you didn't mess with locales). It has no notion of "working" and "most of the time".

Looks like we are talking about completely different things. I can not find anywhere where my words contradict to yours. Yes, perl has to assume an encoding. I'm talking only about the fact that the developer shall make sure that the assumed encoding is correct. For this he/she shall use the Encode::decode methods, or the conveniences of perl like binmode or -CS switch or whatever.

It doesn't. Because Latin-1 strings themselves can be perfectly fine text strings.

Sorry, but do you understand the difference between words "effectively calls" and "really calls"? Of course perl does not call this function. It just assumes that the sequence of octets it has is encoded as Latin1. If it really is then everything works. But if it is not, then nothing works.

I really don't understand where do you find in my words, that strings without utf8 flag are not text strings. They are. It's just that perl works with them as Latin1 strings, which is incorrect if your input is not Latin1. That's all. Nothing else.

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