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179 chars:
sub led{ ($b=pop)=~y/0-9.\-\0-~/\0-\cK/d; join$/, map{join$", ($"x4,'X ',' X','X X','X'x4)[(/./g)[unpack'C*',$b]] }424434444400, (322231123300)x2, 324444424404, (321222323200)x2, (424x4)-4,"" } print led @ARGV ? shift : "19QQ86\t-- \@0134.72x-0(?)";
(Using hex conversion for the string (and to delete unwanted characters! ) and an array slice of an array slice to generate the lines.)

(Change the trailing ' ~ ' to a ' '(" ÿaut "?) to reject 8-bit chars too -- I wasn't sure how it would travel inside code tags.)

update:  or 172 chars w/o argument checking and putting the '-' first:
($b=pop)=~y/-0-9./\0-\cK/;join$/, map{join$",('X ',$"x4,' X','X X','X'x4)[(/./g)[unpack'C*',$b]]} 142443444441,(132223002331)x2,432444442441,(132022232321)x2,1 .424x4 ,""