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This is kind of a "do nothing" that I wrote to try and test what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm trying to figure a way to pass the process number to the job (the bat file) The cdp file: /*BEGIN_REQUESTER_COMMENTS $PNODE$="ATLTECH04" $PNODE_OS$="Windows" $OPTIONS$="WDOS" END_REQUESTER_COMMENTS*/ LCLCOPY PROCESS &PNUMVAR=$PNUMBER$ COPYSTEP RUN JOB PNODE (DSN=wINDOWS) SYSOPTS="pgm(D:\P\LOCALCOPY.BAT) args(D:\MIKEG\INCOMING D:\MYTEMP\INCOMING &PNUMVAR)" PEND The contents of the bat file: COPY %1 %2.%3 Bottom line is, once I can figure out how to do it, I'm just trying to copy a trigger file called INCOMING from one directory to another one, and add an extension to the file name, which would be the process number that ran successfully on Direct Connect. The process above is what I'm playing with to try and figure out how to pass that process number along.