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So I'm trying to install Pod::ProjectDocs and it requires Syntax::Highlight::Universal. P/PA/PALANT/Syntax-Highlight-Universal-0.4.tar.gz from CPAN fails to build on my machine for some reason, but I downloaded M/MI/MISHOO/Syntax-Highlight-Universal-0.5.tar.gz and it builds fine with a perl Makefile.PL && make && make test && make install.

Version 0.4 was added to cpan in 2005 and 0.5 in 2009.

So, question: Even though the newer version (by a different author?) has been in CPAN for a while, why isn't it showing up when I search for it? It's not being mirrored by CPAN::Mini either apparently because it's not in 02packages.details.txt, but who decides what goes in there?

cpan[4]> i /syntax::highlight::universal/ Module id = Syntax::Highlight::Universal DESCRIPTION Syntax highlighter based on Colorer library CPAN_USERID MISHOO (Mihai Bazon <>) CPAN_VERSION 0.4 CPAN_FILE P/PA/PALANT/Syntax-Highlight-Universal-0.4.tar.gz UPLOAD_DATE 2005-03-13 DSLIP_STATUS Rd+hp (released,developer,C++,hybrid,Standard-Per +l) MANPAGE Syntax::Highlight::Universal - Syntax highlightin +g module based on the Colorer library INST_FILE /opt/perl/perl-5.12.2/lib/site_perl/5.12.2/i686-l +inux/Syntax/Highlight/ INST_VERSION 0.5 cpan[5]> d /syntax-highlight-universal/ Distribution id = P/PA/PALANT/Syntax-Highlight-Universal-0.4.tar.g +z CPAN_USERID PALANT (Wladimir Palant <>) CONTAINSMODS Syntax::Highlight::Universal UPLOAD_DATE 2005-03-13