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Re: DBD::DB2 with ActiveState Perl 5.12 on Windows

by Brutha (Friar)
on Feb 07, 2011 at 10:09 UTC ( #886642=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to DBD::DB2 with ActiveState Perl 5.12 on Windows

As this was working perfectly for the previous version, I got the feeling that there might be just a simple stupid error on my side which did not allow the installation. But it seems that not many use DB2 in combination with Perl.
For me the combination of Perl and DB2 works well, against pc and mainframe databases, even with the old DBD version.

For Perl 5.8 the PPM tells me that there is a version 1.79 available, but installed is a version 0.78. As You see this is quite old but working for our production code. I vaguely remember having problems with some intermediate 0.xx version, therefore I left it working. But, of course, upgrading to a newer Perl version would also include newer versions of modules.

For the DB2 version, this is an officially licenced development edition, which is needed for our development here. It will be updated to version 9.x some weeks in the future.

The errors I get are a bit version dependend. For version 1.80A a broken Makefile is generated, due to some stupid spaces in Windows filenames (nmake not found). That can be manually hacked, but does not help. For 1.79 this works, I do not know why. After compilation I get the same error as described in the original posting. I looked into the C-Source, the compiler parameters and defines, the include files and could not find a reason, why this parameter should not be included into the binary.

As Perl 5.12 is not binary compatible with 5.8, there is no chance to use the old one.

For the Microsoft C-Compiler, this is version 14 which is included in Visual Studio 2005

I am not so deep in XS generation, but there is a file resulting from Mkbootstrap which is empty. A dll with 100kb is created. Otherwise I have no idea what to check else.

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