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Greetings and Salutations!

I'm revving up to become a Perl Debugger ninja -- as in, a master of all things pertaining to the Perl Debugger.

This is a journey, I know. I have strong suspicions that there is much to be gained by mastering the use of this powerful tool. I've programmed _extensively_ in Perl for over a decade now, and my coding practices just have never included the debugger. I was never trained from the beginning in its arts or usefulness. I code and execute under strict, with warnings, and sometimes taint; I've relied "best practices", "documentation", and on warning/fatal exemption messages to guide me when I've had problems...

But now I think it's time to take it to the next level and identify the unseen problems, such as inefficiency and poor logic that aren't exposed by warnings or strict or taint! This also goes hand in hand with my simultaneous interest in code profiling (starting with NYTprof).

And so I seek your wisdom and advice. On my own I've amassed sundry documentation and examples from various sources on the internet-- the fruit of several searches. Now as I embark on this journey to enlightenment I humbly request of you: your own tips, tricks, links, references, and favorite places to go learn about the debugger. Flame away if you must, but I feel after my own due diligence that requesting the collective knowledge of those more versed in the pdb here at PM will produce yet more and possibly greater knowledge than what I've already found.

Am I "going overboard" with this pursuit? Is there really "not that much to know" about advanced debugging (and the next topic of interest- profiling)? I am pretty sure that such is not the case.

Thank you, my Perl bretheren and sisters for your guidance. <heartfelt digression>Thank you also, Perl, for the awesomeness that you've brought to both my career and my life. I love you, man!</digression>