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Re^3: Error ... at (eval 75) line 7974.

by clayne (Initiate)
on Feb 12, 2011 at 23:39 UTC ( #887807=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Error ... at (eval 75) line 7974.
in thread Error ... at (eval 75) line 7974.

For others who may have run into this and subsequently destroyed their brain like the rest of us, I believe the exact change in RecDescent that is causing issues is this:

(from the Changes file)

1.90 Tue Mar 25 01:17:38 2003 - BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: The key of an %item entry for a repeated subrule now includes the repetition specifier. For example, in: sentence: subject verb word(s) the various matched items will be stored in $item{'subject'} +, $item{'verb'}, and $item{'word(s)'} (i.e. *not* in $item{'wo +rd'}, as it would have been in previous versions of the module). (thanks Anthony)

In my case, I had something like this:

Item(s) EOF { $return = [ @{$item{Item}} ]; }
and it *should be*:
Item(s) EOF { $return = [ @{$item{qq(Item(s))}} ]; }

Check other sub-rules for similar kind of behavior and hash referencing.

It's also actually already documented within the grammer included by Inline::CPP:

Unfortunately to figure it out myself, I had to take the long road on an entirely different piece of older code. Just the type of thing to make one tear their hair out unless they know the exact place to look.

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