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Freight locomotives do not have a GUI. Nevertheless: Not a single railroad on this planet could possibly exist without one.

They have had GUIs for the last 20 years. The Dispatcher's signaling systems are also GUIs on monitors today with vector graphics. Airplanes without GUIs are unmarketable today ("Glass Cockpit"). Cars have GUIs (GPS navigator/whatever) now.

The history of Perl came from a time when GUIs were novelties for human interest publications like Time and Popular Mechanics, not a serious tool (1980s). Today products are unsellable without the screenshot looking "awesome" in a powerpoint on a projector at a meeting or conference. The GUI of the product today is also supposed to have a zero learning curve, on paper.

The biggest GUI in use today, is the web. The worse problem today (2010s) is, when the function of the GUI takes a back seat to art and eye candy of the GUI, and the GUI is designed to be a static piece of art, rather than a tool. Compare Google's website GUIs (a tool) to, lets say, Bing (static art).